Born the son of three generations of Astorians Anthony Antoine is a true product of Astoria NY. Introduced to fashion and design at the age of 8 through his mother who was a fashion model. This special combination mixed with his keen eye for quality led to his ultimate life’s passion… Astoria Warrior. Anyone who has lived in Astoria, been to Astoria or even just visited Astoria knows that this word combination embodies the way Astorians live… like warriors.

As a trained jeweler who spent several years creating contacts and learning as an apprentice and schooled jeweler Anthony pursued another business adventure in custom one of a kind made to order jewelry. He also spent time customizing watches such as Breitling and Rolex and acting as broker to procure antique time pieces. You can find his unique pieces under his jewelry line Antoine Pierre.

To launch his passions Antoine Pierre created a limited edition Astoria Warrior run of everyday jewelry. For Anthony it’s not about money, fame, or business… it’s about Passion, Hard Work, and relentless Drive… He’s an Astoria Warrior are you ?